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semi electric stacker

semi electric stacker

Semi electric stacker

Strong steel structure with compact design, increase your loading and unloading efficiency and lower work intensity. The CDD semi electric stacker loading faster than manual stacker and unlike walkie stacker, it requires less space for operation and turning.

The semi electric stacker in the CDD-series range are electrically lifting, manually moved ,with a push of button, the electric lifting offer comfort operating .The CDD semi electric stackers are designed for light stacking applications, fast loading-unloading pallet in small scale warehouse. the stacking height from 1.6 meters up to 3 meters ,and are ideal for use in tight working areas where forklift is limited to go, Our CDD stacker is a ideal tool with features of long lasting battery, durability, simple to operate less maintenance which contribute to reduce your cost, increase efficiency.


Feature of CDD semi electric stacker

  • Load capacity  up to 2000kgs
  • Lift heights from 1.6m to 3m
  • lockable steering wheels
  • manual release valve
  • long last maintenance free batteries
  • 12v operation power
  • adjustable lifting/lowering speed




Model CTD1.6m CTD2.0m CTD2.5m CTD3/3.3m
Capacity(kg) 1000/1500 1000/1500 1000 1000
Max.lifting height(mm) 1600 2000 2500 3000/3300
Fork length(mm) 1000 1000 1000 1000
Min.fork height(mm) 90 90 90 90
Load eenter(mm) 500 500 500 500
Voltage AC220V AC220V AC220V AC 220V
Motor power 1.6KW 1.6KW 1.6KW 1.6KW
Outer width of front legs(mm) 635 635 635 635
Inner width of legs(mm) 395 395 395 395
Adjustable Width of fork(mm) 360-690 360-690 360-690 360-690
Rear wheel size(mm) φ180X50 φ180x50 φ180x50 φ180x50
Front wheel size(mm) φ80X70 φ80x70 φ80x70 φ80x70
Self Weight(kg) 312/387 325/405 340 355/370
Extended height(mm) 2080 1580 1830 2080/2230
sed height H3(mm) 2080 2500 3000 3500/3800