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Scissor Lifts, China

Delsan Machinery has also tried its hands in the realm of Scissor lift. We have a vast variety of Scissor lift ranging from Self-Propelled Scissor lift to Trailer Scissor lift and from Pit Mounted table to Stationary Scissor lift. At Delsan Machinery, we have manufactured distinct types of mechanized access platforms which are used for flexible and temporary purposes. In this segment we have a wide collection of Scissor lift for our customers. Scissor lift is designed for aerial accesses with a lifting height from 15 metres to 16 metres. Our Scissor lift comes with different sizes and heights which enable our customers to reach all the inaccessible heights. Our manually operated hydraulic scissor lift helps in the construction of warehouse and in structural steel.

The one which tops the list in this segment is our Self-Propelled Scissor lift, which is ideal for its quiet operation. This works well anywhere with noise restrictions as where noise is restricted. The next member of this section is our Trailer Scissor lift, which is known for its towing capabilities. As it can be towed behind any truck, it can be moved easily. Our Trailer Scissor lift is designed to do off road applications and has a capacity of 250kilograms, 500kilograms, and 750kilograms.

Pit Mounted Lift Table, comes fourth in our list. We design Pit mounted lift table in accordance with our customer requirements. It is an ideal elevation device to transport pallets and other goods. It has a capacity of 500kilograms to 10000 kilograms. The last but not the least member of this segment is our Stationary Scissor lift, which is ideal for lifting goods from one floor to another. Our Stationary Scissor lift needs to be installed in a pre-made pit. It has easy to maintain quality and has a capacity of 500 kilograms to 15000 kilograms.

Our main objective is to cater to our customer’s needs and demands and we are striving in this direction.