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Aerial Lifts, China

Delsan Machinery and Tool Company ltd. offer a vast range of Aerial lifts. These mechanical devices provide access for both animate and inanimate, i.e. for both people and equipment to inaccessible areas, mostly at height. Our aerial lifts generally, used for temporary, flexible access purposes such as maintenance and construction work and also by fire-fighters in case of emergency.

We strive to provide best possible results to our customers as customer satisfaction comes first for us. While, moving towards this direction we have come forth with a wide range of aerial lifts. In this segment we have introduced Push around Aerial lift, which is best known for its easy to operate portable aerial work platform. It is designed for indoor application like cleaning and maintenance purposes. For customer convenience our push around aerial lift is loaded with AC220V powered battery. We also deal in Dual Mast Aerial Lift; it comes with work platform to cater height between 8m-12m. Our Dual Mast Aerial lift is known for its durability and stability. The heavy-duty lifting chains and welded steel base ensures immense security and safety with its convenient handling for easy manoeuvrability. We do not stop here, as we also deal with Triple Mast Push around Aerial lift, which is ideal for repairing, maintenance and installation application at height. It has a capacity of 250 kilograms and has a battery power of 220V AC power and 12V DC power. The last member of this segment is our Material lift, as the name suggests it acts as great equipment in lifting heavy material from one position to another. Our Material lift comes with reversible steel forks and winch handle.

At Delsan Machinery we provide our customers with latest technology driven equipment manufactured by us.