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SJY Scissor lift
Our scissor lifts are designed for aerial access applications with an available lifting height from 1.5 meters all the way to 16 meters. With all our different sizes and heights these  lifts enable you to reach the most hard-to-access overhead spaces.The manually operated hydraulic scissor lifts can be used for jobs such as, structural steel warehouse construction, building maintenance, hard to reach light bulbs, Street Lighting Repair, Painting, Construction etc. During the operation, the four extendable outriggers at each corner will provide additional stability for a safe work environment.We offer many different power sources for our scissor lifts, including but not limited to 220v single phase, 380v three phase, 110v single phase, or even a 24V DC battery powered model. The hydraulics on these lifts are  designed with a leak protection mechanism to prevent the platform from descending during operation. Each scissor lift is also equipped with an emergency release valve on its platform.
  • Lubricated-for-life composite bearings on scissor arms at pivot points
  • steel outriggers ensure stability during operation
  • Platform surface constructed of 4-way tread plate
  • Turned, ground, polished and hard-chromed axle pins
  • Double-wire braided hydraulic hoses
  • High torque heavy duty motor
  • Power unit suitable for floor or wall mounting
  • Built and designed in accordance with the Chinese Natianal Machine Safety Standard
  • Factory tested to 120% of capacity
  • Removable handrails
  • Extendable operation deck.
  • Customized platforms are available



Note:500kg,1000kg and 2000kg capacity is available

Model SJY0.3-6 SJY0.3-9 SJY0.3-11 SJY0.3-14 SJY0.3-16
Platform height 6m 9m 11m 14m 16m
Work height 8m 11m 13m 16m 18m
Capacity 300kg 300kg 300kg 300kg 300kg
Height-stowed 0.8m 1.4m 1.6m 2.25m 2.35m
Platform width 1m 1m 1.25m 1.5m 1.6m
Platform length 1.8m 1.83m 2.1m 2.5m 2.65m
Guardrail height 1m 1m 1m 1m 1m
Grand clearance 125mm 125mm 125mm 240mm 240mm
work voltage 220/380v 220/380v 380v 380v 380v
Package 1.9×1.2×1.2m 1.9×1.2×1.4m 2.3×1.35×1.6m 2.65×1.65×2.25m 2.65×1.65×2.4m
weight 860kg 1100kg 1330kg 2400kg 2700kg