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CTY-A hydraulic stacker

CTY-A hydraulic stacker

Manual hydraulic Stacker

Due to the limitation of spaces, sometimes fork lift trucks can not access in between racks in smaller warehouse spaces, this stacker is designed to fill the gaps and finish handling of palletized loads, hydraulic stackers is mostly used in retail units, workshops, and smaller warehouses. We produce a full range of Pallet Stackers for pallet loading and removal from racking storage, or do the loading or unloading of cargo, our pallet stackers are available in different lift heights with many straddle and forks configurations.

We have manual hydraulic stackersemi electric stackersand ride-on electric stackers with a work height start from 1.6 meters up to 4.5 meters at your choice. The Handling weight starts from 500kgs up to maximum.3000kgs



. H steel frame

·Manual hand and foot operated pump

·Adjustable width between forks

·Optional fast lifting function

·Easy push around

.optional lockable rear wheels




Model CTY-A1.0 CTY-A2.0 CTY-A3.0
Capacity(kg) 1000 2000 3000
Max.lifting height(mm) 1600 1600 1600
Lowered height of forks(mm) 85 85 100
Fork length (mm) 900 900 1000
Adjustable Width of fork(mm) 230-580 270-680 320-770
Lifting speed(mm/stroke) 20 14 10
lowering speed(mm/stroke) Controllable Controllable Controllable
Outer width of front legs (mm) 750 750 750
Operation power of crank(kg) 24 32 40
Min.refuel volume of fuel tank(L) 1.6 2 3
Front wheel size(mm) φ85x50 φ85x50 φ100x50
Rear wheel size(mm) φ180x50 φ180x50 φ180x50
Overall size(mm) 2040x750x1420 2050x750x1480 2050x800x1650
Self Weight(kg) 115 180 280